Finance Course Offerings for 2013-14 (updated 9/16/13)

This page provides you with information about Finance Course Offerings. It will also provide information about Finance Senior Project options and other facts that will be useful to you. So please read through this entire page:


The Fall Finance schedule that appears on PASS is now final. There are no plans (or available faculty) to add additional sections.

REQUIRED COURSES: We will offer the following in the Fall. Two sections of Fixed Income Securities (Bus-439), two sections of Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (Bus-431). Advanced Corporate Finance (Bus-438) will not be offered in Fall. We encourage students to take Bus-439 and Bus-431 together in Fall and take Bus-438 in Winter. Students who are in junior or senior standing should take as many of their required courses in Fall and Winter.

ELECTIVES: We will offer the following electives: Real Estate Finance (Bus-434), International Finance (Bus-433), Case Studies in Finance (Bus-443), Student Managed Portfolio Project (Bus-461 and Bus-462), and Finance Senior Project (Bus-464). Students who are in senior standing and must graduate this year should also consider taking courses from the approved electives in economics or accounting. Please feel free to stop by my office hours if you need to discuss your plans.

Please note the following:

i. Finance classes may develop a long waiting list. The waiting list is simply a device to manage enrollment during the registration period and does not guarantee automatic access to a course. In fact, few faculty actually ever see their course wait list. Faculty may choose to create a list on the first day of class and then issue e-permits as enrolled students drop out and space becomes available. Our faculty are committed to assisting students to take their courses and graduate in a timely manner. To this end, we will try our best to accommodate as many students as possible. You can help us in this effort by:

ii. Please be sure to file your finance concentration form during the first week of classes. Student in 400 level finance courses who have not done so will be dropped.

iii. Are you interested in taking Bus-321 (Intermediate Accounting)? You will note that Bus-319 is a prerequisite. However, the accounting area will wave this requirement for Finance students. Please contact me for an e-permit (provided the Bus-321 has open space).

2. TENTATIVE WINTER AND SPRING TERM COURSE OFFERINGS: The following table contains the tentative schedule for Winter and Spring terms.


Winter Term Courses

Spring Term Courses

Dr. B. Anderson

BUS-342 (1), BUS-439 (1)

BUS-342 (1), BUS-439 (1)

Dr. Z. Bednarek

GSB-531 (1), BUS-342 (1)

BUS-464 (1), BUS-431 (1)

Dr. J. Dobson

BUS-342 (1)

BUS-342 (2), BUS-464 (1)

Dr. L. Gorman

BUS-431 (1), BUS-342 (1)

BUS-342 (1), BUS-431 (1)

Dr. S. Jaggia

BUS-342 (1)

Dr. C. Ramezani

BUS-461 and 462 (1)

BUS-464 (1)

Dr. M. Rastad

BUS-438 (2)

BUS-438 (1)

Dr. P. Patel

BUS-435 (1), BUS-442 (1)

BUS-435, BUS-442

Dr. J. York

BUS-436 (1)

STAFF (tentative)

BUS-434 (1) or BUS-436 (1) or BUS-441 (1)

BUS-434 (1) or BUS-441 (1)

3. SENIOR PROJECT OPTIONS: Business students can pursue their Senior Project (SP) with OCOB faculty of their choice and are not restricted to faculty in the area of their concentration. Senior project courses appear either as Bus-461 and Bus-462 (a two unit sequence taken over two terms) or Bus-464 (4 unit completed in a single term). Students should look at PASS listings to see who is offering senior project courses, contact the professor directly and obtain their syllabus to find out what type of projects are being offered.

Although as a finance student you can pursue your SP with any faculty in the college, we encourage finance students to pursue finance related projects under the direction of finance faculty. This is important as your SP will become the most important part of your "portfolio" when you begin to pursue a career. Indeed, a well done finance SP can be the ticket to securing interesting finance internships and a high paying job in finance industry. The Finance Area will offer SP courses every term during the academic year.

During the coming academic year, finance students may choose from the following SP alternatives: Three options are available and I have taped a detailed video discussing each options. Please watch
this video and and look at the handout that is part of the video presentation. To summarize, the following are the types of senior projects students can pursue:

As a matter of policy, e-permits to enroll in finance SP will only be issued at the first scheduled class. This is a critical opportunity for the professor to discuss the syllabus and course rules, with all students present. This is also the main opportunity for the students to learn about the professor's expectations, meet other students in the course, and learn about potential team projects. Please attend the SP information session if you have any remaining questions. For those who cannot attend this meeting, please sign up for the rest of your Fall courses now and obtain e-permit for SP during the first scheduled class in Fall. There will be room for everyone!

4. PLEASE JOIN Financial Management Associations and other finance student clubs: The officers of Cal Poly's Financial Management Association (FMA) have worked hard to bring informative speakers and major finance recruiters to campus. The finance faculty urges you to join FMA and attend the FMA sponsored events (Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-12). For information please see:

Any questions? Please feel free to stop by my office hours.